Winter: A “Secret Season” in the South’s Loftiest National Parks | National Parks Traveler

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The Smokies might lie pretty far south—but no other mountains lie to the west to sap the snow from storms. The Smokies’ ridge is so abrupt and massive—rising from 1,000 feet near Gatlinburg to nearly 7,000 feet—that the highest peaks can get hammered by big snow in even marginal conditions.


From The Web: Winter Camping in East Tennessee – Skiing – Yahoo! Sports

The eastern portion of the state of Tennessee is known for its diverse natural habitats, shopping and recreational areas. There are several state and national parks within the state that showcase the areas best scenic vistas and natural scenery, and that are close to numerous shopping and recreational attractions.

The following three parks have camping […]

Head To Cumberland Gap National Historical Park To Taste Appalachian Christmas Cheer | National Parks Traveler

John-Boy might not be there, but youll still get a taste of Appalachian Christmas cheer with a visit to Cumberland Gap National Historical Park this coming Saturday.

Each year, deep in Appalachia, the holiday season is ushered in as Christmas-red cardinals decorate snow-covered hemlocks. Icicles become natures diamonds frosting rocky mountainsides. The brisk air makes […]